I'm working 10 hours a day, 5 days a week as an intern in a lab. Also, I study for my GRE in the evenings. And slowly but surely, anime fandoms are sucking my life away. D:

I'm sorry for staying away so long!
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I'm....Alive...Just Barely

Hi all! Sorry for abruptly disappearing. I think I'll have to be taking a hiatus ... I'm right in the middle of my exams right now, and after this I'll be travelling, then working in a lab.


No time to write fic...

No time to draw much...

I miss you all!
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Buggered If I Know

I Feel Fat. Also: Taking Drabble Requests!

Here is what I ate/drank today:

1) Meat dumplings for breakfast
2) A lot of coffee
3) Durian ( a pungent fruit with a creamy texture)
4) Kimchi (Korean pickled vegetables)
5) Stir-fried chicken
6) Rice
7) Ikan bilis (a type of small fish, like anchovies)
8) A bottle of lychee juice drink
9) Three small chicken drumsticks
10) Pizza
11) Preserved crunchy green plum

I am such a pig.

Also, about fandom stuff: I realise I've been really, really inactive :( . I'm going to try and resolve that, but I'm still working at a snail's pace through Chapter 12 (out of at least 30) of my WIP *cries*

So here's what I'll do: give me a drabble prompt (Character, situation, phrase etc. ) and I'll write one! If I'm slow about it, beat me up until I do :D.

Also: does anyone on my F-list watch the anime Prince of Tennis? I swear the animators are on crack.
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Finally, a new fic drabble.

TTT Prompt #1- Song

To Maglor, song once meant utter perfection-- the most aurally pleasing harmonies and the most fitting cadences for each particular mood woven into intricate, carefully structured themes to create glorious masterpieces that appealed to both the heart and mind. For Daeron, song was once a form of exaltation-- the nightingale’s whistle-cheep-trill and Luthíen’s silvery laugh in the music of his pipes, or the wonder of rain and wind sweeping magnificently through the trees echoed on the strings of his lute.

In the end though, for both of them, song became nothing more than a vehicle for pain and bitterest regret.