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Kinda meant this to be Daeron, but it doesn't quite look like him, does it? :o

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I am finally done with my undergrad and am moving on to grad school...and I am currently in the States.

Also! I return bearing gifts :)
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So, how's everyone? :D?


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Er. Hi! I'm alive. Sort of!

How's everyone?


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I'm working 10 hours a day, 5 days a week as an intern in a lab. Also, I study for my GRE in the evenings. And slowly but surely, anime fandoms are sucking my life away. D:

I'm sorry for staying away so long!


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Hi all! Sorry for abruptly disappearing. I think I'll have to be taking a hiatus ... I'm right in the middle of my exams right now, and after this I'll be travelling, then working in a lab.


No time to write fic...

No time to draw much...

I miss you all!

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Here is what I ate/drank today:

1) Meat dumplings for breakfast
2) A lot of coffee
3) Durian ( a pungent fruit with a creamy texture)
4) Kimchi (Korean pickled vegetables)
5) Stir-fried chicken
6) Rice
7) Ikan bilis (a type of small fish, like anchovies)
8) A bottle of lychee juice drink
9) Three small chicken drumsticks
10) Pizza
11) Preserved crunchy green plum

I am such a pig.

Also, about fandom stuff: I realise I've been really, really inactive :( . I'm going to try and resolve that, but I'm still working at a snail's pace through Chapter 12 (out of at least 30) of my WIP *cries*

So here's what I'll do: give me a drabble prompt (Character, situation, phrase etc. ) and I'll write one! If I'm slow about it, beat me up until I do :D.

Also: does anyone on my F-list watch the anime Prince of Tennis? I swear the animators are on crack.
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I found another video of one of my concerts. Here, I am playing the accompaniment for my seniors' dizi duet. 

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